Current Officers and Chairs


PRESIDENT:                             Jill Daly-Huston

1st VICE-PRESIDENT:               Marian Voorhees & Annette Rogers

2nd VICE-PRESIDENT:             Judy Whitehead

SECRETARY:                             Cindy Bray

TREASURER:                             Dolores Fobare

MEMBER AT LARGE:                 Rene Crowder

MEMBER AT LARGE:                 Sandy Palmer



LIBRARIAN:                                 Haydee Patterson

CHARITY QUILTS:                        Colleen Thrailkill and Barbara Skwara

NEWSLETTER:                              Judy Whitehead

PATRIOTIC QUILTS:                      Cheryl Campbell

PHOTOGRAPHER:                        Donna Holcomb

SCHOLARSHIP FUND:                 Barbara Barrier


ROUND ROBIN CHALLENGE:      Kimberly Townsend and Judy Whitehead

SECRET PAL:                                Jill Daly-Huston


2 Responses to Current Officers and Chairs

  1. I am interested in being an artisan at your quilt show. I do quilt patterns in stained glass and many other pieces. Could you please send me cost, size of booth, times and dates? I have done several quilt shows and enjoy them very much. If you are interested, you can go to my website at:
    Thank you

  2. Peggie Pagoota says:

    Who is the quilt show chairman? Need to find out if my Piecemakers Quild would be able to have a spot at the show for selling tickets on our raffle quilt?

    Thank you,
    Peggie Pagoota

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