Challenge #1 of 2022

As I referred to last night, we will have two challenges in 2022. Our first challenge was presented to guild members last night, and is due for the May 24th meeting.

And that challenge is to create a PINCUSHION.

The concept is simple, make a pin cushion, bring it to the May meeting. Your pin cushion can be as simple or complicated as you desire. It can be fully intended to be functional, or it can be totally an artistic outlet.

For every pin cushion entered, the entrant will receive 1 entry into a prize drawing.  Pin cushions will be available for member viewing during the break time of the meeting.  And there will be a multiple vote voting (as in more than just viewers choice). 

Why pincushions? Well, they’re fun! And as quilters we can all use them, or admire them.

What to do with your pincushion?  Well, you can keep it for yourself.  Or, if when in the future we have a show that has a boutique and if you’re so inclined, you can donate it to that.  Or, you can keep it for any upcoming gift exchanges (like our Christmas gift exchange or a Secret Pal gift).  The options are many.

Last night I showed two reference books that I personally have in my library. One is Pin Pals by Carrie Nelson, a great reference with patterns for patchwork pincushions. The other is Pincushions for Every Occasion by Carmen Daumer, full of very artistic creative options to get your thoughts going (and it also has patterns). Or perhaps you have a pincushion pattern created by a designer you want to use.

Challenge: Pincushion

Due Date: May 24th meeting

So, I hope everyone has fun with this challenge and I can’t wait to see everyone’s pincushions in May.

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