Square in a Square Class

Just a quick reminder to make sure everyone has all the information they need for Saturday’s workshop.

The workshop begins at 9am, please try to get there a bit earlier and set up so we can start at 9am. The doors open by 8:15 am. For those who haven’t sewn with us before, our workshops are at Centre Presbyterian Church in Mooresville.  

Here’s the supply list that Gloria provided:
Sewing machine
SNS ruler (can be purchased at class)
otary cutter
utting mat
hite thread
asic sewing supplies

 If you have any questions, please contact Deb Waldron. 

See you Saturday!

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2 Responses to Square in a Square Class

  1. Laurie Aasen says:

    What room? I am only familiar with the hall where last two meetings were held.

    Laurie Aasen


  2. sewcrzzy says:

    That is where the class will be — same room/fellowship hall. See you there.

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