Mystery BOM starting in September!

In September we will start a Mystery Block of the Month! Here are a few details for those that missed the announcement.

Every month, from September 2015 through September 2016, you will receive instructions for a specific block in a specific size. Not all blocks will be the same size, the maximum size block will be 12”finished. If the block that month is smaller, you may need to make more than one of them.

The majority of this quilt is pieced, there is a small amount of applique that can be done either by hand, or by machine, as the curves are gentle. Instructions for each block will be available at that month’s guild meeting and a link will be put on the blog to an instruction file.
The overall finished size of the quilt is designed to be approximately 56 x 60 and the instructions will be given to you in grayscale.
You will work on your own quilt, in either a scrappy color scheme, or a controlled scheme of five colors. Mine is done scrappy theme of purples, greens and blues.  If you choose scrappy, I suggest one background fabric, or background fabrics such as White on White or Cream on Cream that will recede in the design. I do not recommend a printed fabric for the background.

If you choose a controlled color scheme, you will need the following amounts of fabric:
Light (background) 2 yards
Medium Light ¼ yard
Medium 1 ½ yards
Medium Dark 1 ½ yards
Dark 1 ½ yards (includes border)
In September 2016, you will receive a “suggested” layout that will accommodate all the blocks you’ve made, but you are encouraged to use your own layout if you prefer. We will discuss the “math” to set different sized blocks together for those that prefer.
While not “required” to show your blocks that you’ve made each month, it is definitely encouraged to share with guild members the progress of your blocks.
In December 2016, at the annual Christmas dinner, a drawing will be held among participants who COMPLETED THEIR QUILT TOP for prizes.
Judy Whitehead

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1 Response to Mystery BOM starting in September!

  1. whimc says:

    Sounds like fun. When and where are the meetings?

    Cindy McAlpin 704-928-6838


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