2016 Mystery Block Quilt

The 2017 Quilt Show revealed several of the Mystery Quilts.  It’s a mystery to me how these quilts all came from the same pattern.  See what you think.







If you’d like to make one of your own — the pattern is below.  Enjoy.

It’s time to start our 2015-2016 Mystery Block of the Month.

Each month, after the instructions have been handed out to guild members at our monthly meeting, I’ll add a PDF format file of the instructions.

The instructions seem to be clearer on what I can print and hand out directly than on what the PDF format saves the graphics as, but if you miss the meeting you can get a copy of the instructions here.


General Information

September Block One

Oct 2015 Block Two

November 2015 Block Three  Just a note on this block.  When you print out the templates for it, please use the 1″ test square to assure they print at the proper size.

Dec 2015 Block Four

January 2016 Block Five

February 2016 Block Six

March 2016 Block Seven

April 2016 Block Eight

May 2016 Month Nine

June 2016 Month Ten

July 2016 Month Eleven

August 2016 Month Twelve

You’ve now received all twelve monthly clues.  I can’t wait to see the members quilts at the December 2016 guild meeting!