2013 Block in a Box Exchange

Another project that the guild does on a regular basis is the “Block in a Box” exchange.  Each participant chooses their fabrics and the block they want to make early in the year (typically January), then they make that block out of their fabrics.  All the while keeping their choice of block secret from others.  Once their block is made, they put their fabrics into a box and pass it to the next person in the lineup and receive a box of fabrics from the person before them in the lineup.  Each month you pass and receive from the same person, but work on a different member’s fabrics, making your choice of block.  Yes, for this project the block you choose to make should be one you’ll enjoy making multiple times during the year.


At the end of the year the boxes are all passed back to their original owners, and at the same meeting the blocks are distributed to their owners.  You go home with blocks to make a sampler (or other style) quilt, all done in your fabrics by multiple guild members!

This year we had quite a collection of blocks, and as our project chairman said…..”the bar has been raised for next year on block choices”!


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