2011 Quilt Show Winners

Best of Show: Susan Brubaker Knapp, “Hope is the Thing”

Judge’s Choice (Brenda Arrowood): Jean Cable, “English Cottages”

Judges Choice (Cathy Wiggins): Liz McNabb, “Hearts”

Best Non-Professional Machine Quilting: Jean Cable, “A Tisket A Tasket”

Best Professional Machine Quilting: “Playing With Curves and Stripes,” owned by Kimberly Crawford, quilted by Judy Whitehead

Best Hand Quilting, Nancy Polzien, “Stick-To-Itiveness”

Best Use of Color: Sandy Branch, “Swirling Bright Starflower”

Best Use of Embellishments: Barbara Barrier,“Sparkling Tree”

Viewers’ Choice: “True North,” made by Teresa Sloop, quilted by Theresa DeWalt

First Place, Large Pieced Quilt: Jean Cable, “A Tisket A Tasket”
Second Place: Jean Cable
Third Place: Kimberly Crawford

First Place, Large Appliqué Quilt: Charlotte Soutillo, “Overall Sam”
Second Place: Charlotte Soutillo
Third Place: Charlotte Soutillo

First Place, Large Mixed Technique Quilt: Haydee Patterson, “Walter’s Garden”
Second Place: Teresa Sloop
Third Place: Jean Cable

First Place, Medium Pieced Quilt: Jean Cable, “English Cottages”
Second Place: Joyce Mullis
Third Place: Kimberly Crawford
Honorable Mention: Kimberly Crawford

First Place, Medium Appliqué Quilt: Susan Brubaker Knapp, “Blueberry Jam”
Second Place: Sandra Palmer

First Place, Medium Mixed Technique Quilt: Sandra Palmer, “If the Broom Fits”
Second Place: Margaret Wills
Third Place: Cathy Johansen
Honorable Mention: Cathy Johansen

First Place, Medium Art Quilt: Susan Brubaker Knapp, “Hope is the Thing”

First Place, Small Pieced Quilt: Kimberly Crawford, “Playing With Curves and Stripes”
Second Place: Kimberly Crawford
Third Place: Deanna Johnson
Honorable Mention: Jean Cable

First Place, Small Appliqué Quilt: Dolores Fobare, “Christmas Lights”
Second Place: Dolores Fobare
Third Place: Greta McCrea
Honorable Mention: Charlotte Soutillo

First Place, Small Mixed Technique Quilt: Sandra Branch, “Swirling Bright Starflower”
Second Place: Sandra Branch
Third Place: Liz McNabb
Honorable Mention: Barbara Barrier

First Place, Small Art Quilt, Judy Whitehead, “Fractured Beauty”
Second Place: Susan Brubaker Knapp
Third Place: Judy Whitehead
Honorable Mention: Greta McCrea

First Place, Textile Creations, Millie Lang, “Pressing Pad”
Second Place: Joyce Mullis
Third Place: Collen Thrailkill
Honorable Mention: Liz McNabb

First Place, Wearables: Nancy Polzien, “Stick-To-Itiveness”
Second Place: Nancy Polzien
Third Place: Sandra Palmer
Honorable Mention: Margaret Wills

First Place, New Quilter: Kim Cagle, “Batik Garden Party”

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