Judging the 2011 Quilt Show

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Today was the judging for our 2011 Quilt Show, “Sailing on a Summer Breeze.” Our judges were Brenda Arrowood and Cathy Wiggins.

Brenda Arrowood is owner of Schoolhouse Quilts of Forest City, NC, a company that sells a wide range of tools, notions, DVDs, books, and other quilting products. Schoolhouse Quilts is a frequent vendor at state and regional quilt shows.

Cathy Wiggins of The Quilter’s Spirit lives near Macon, NC, and works as an artist, quilter, quilting teacher and pattern designer.

The ten little piggies belong to our littlest volunteer, who oversaw the judging.

At judging, the quilts were first separated by category, including size and technique (pieced, applique or mixed). Each judge worked on one category at a time. After having volunteers flip through all the quilts in a category to give the judge an overall look at the quilts in that category, the judge examined each quilt carefully – front and back – looking at the overall effect, the creativity, and the workmanship.

Was the binding completely filled with batting? Did the edges wave, or lie flat? Was the fabric pieced so that it aligned correctly? Was the thread tension correct, and was the quilting sufficient, and pleasing? These are all considerations for the judge.

Scribes (volunteers from the guild) wrote down the judge’s comments on scrap paper, and placed marks next to the judging criteria on the form. After the judge told volunteers whether to place the quilt aside for possible ribbon contention, or to “release” the quilt (put it back in the pile with other quilts that did not get ribbons), scribes went to a table in the back and carefully wrote the judges’ comments on the forms.

Some quilts were set aside for possible ribbons such as Best of Show, Best Machine Quilting, or Best Hand Quilting. This judging was done at the very end, after all of the volunteers were sent home, to maintain secrecy. All volunteers are under strict orders to keep their lips sealed about what they heard and saw. We will have to wait until Thursday night to know the results!

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