Halloween treat bags delivered!

by Colleen Thrailkill

I’ve delivered the 45 Halloween bags that our group made to Little Smiles. Little Smiles works through Levine Children’s Hospital to serve as a “mini-Make-A-Wish for children at the hospital. The bags will be given to children who need to spend Halloween in the hospital this year for some trick-or-treating around the Pediatric Department. Sharon Washam, one of their volunteers, was thrilled to receive the bags and also was extremely impressed that we had decided to decorate them. I explained that we had made the decorating into something of a contest and asked Sharon to pick a winner for us. She was willing but said it was very hard. She chose the bags that Margaret Wills made and either Dottie or I will bring a prize to award to Margaret at our next guild meeting. Thank you again to all the ladies who volunteered to be part of this worthwhile and fun project — Delores Fobare, Afton Snyder, Margaret Wills, Judy Simmons, Helen Turnipseed, and Dottie Jensen.

Note from Susan Brubaker Knapp: To see some of the darling treat bags our members made, see the previous post.

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